Being a Team Leader at a State University


Being an effective team leader is a though task and being an effective team leader at a state university is   much more harder. Many people may fail to perform their leadership duties properly and this causes a chaos in their team and other teams connected to them. As I stated being a team leader at a state university is harder because you can make other people work in private universities easier than the state universities.

 At state universities people feel more secure in terms of their job, but in private sector you need to be working and following novelties all the time. People at state universities have this feeling:”Once we are hired, we won’t easily be fired.” For that reason we, as the team leaders have to be more careful and positive while we are communicating and doing our job. 


Actually at our university we have been working hard on this issue and trying to build a good relationship with our team members. Here are the mottos of our leadership-or trying to do them:

  1. Give clear directions about the tasks and clear explanations of our program.
  2. Grow mutual respect and trust.
  3. MOTIVATE our team members.
  4. Deal with conflicts immediately.
  5. Be positive all the time- even when dealing with problems.
  6. Monitor the progress in the unit.
  7. Be flexible and creative.
  8. Delegate properly
  9. Take responsibility
  10. Be a TEAM MEMBER!

One more thing do NOT forget to say PLEASE and THANK YOU 🙂



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