Back to work with A level students

After a long holiday here we go again. Image This time I started the new semester with teaching A-beginner level students. Teaching A level students is a bit difficult after teaching upper level students for two modules. 20121007-151949.jpg Most of the A level students this year are freshman students and really eager to learn English. Besides they are very shy and quiet. I have great plans for them. The first thing I’m planning to is to prepare a class blog in which we can track our progress, give feedback and also have fun while interacting 😉 20121007-152346.jpg In my very first lesson, I asked them some questions on their Internet use and the result was not suprising. Most of them use the Internet very often. Then I offered them to open up a blog page and work on it together. Although some of them didn’t like the idea, most of the students liked it and I prepared the draft of the blog yesterday. Here we will talk about its outcomes later on. See you soon;) Aysun


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