Teachers and Their Technology Use


For over a decade, the use of technology for education has been one of the main concerns of many teacher to keep themselves up-to-date for the needs of the new learning era. This is, of course, NOT a very easy thing for them to keep up with it, rather a challenge.

It is no surprise some teachers act like robo-humans and adapt themselves to technology so fast, but some may keep themselves away from it, and be more prejudiced. 

Keeping up-to-date with technology can be misunderstood by just using powerpoint slides in your lessons. Technology integration into lessons is far more than that. It needs to be based on strong outcomes to justify the reasons you are using the technology for.

In many schools, some groups of people are assigned to work out the issue of technology integration into the curriculum of their institutions. For that reason they are trained on technology and how it can be used in courses. These people may not be liked in their institutions as they seem to be well-adapted to these apps, web tools, LMS’s etc., or they can be seen as the technical staff working for the other teachers to solve the computer or connection problems.

In time, the teachers become more integrated into the use of technology in their classes and they become take responsibility of choosing the appropriate web tools and apps for their classes/students. Some adaptive learning environments can be created with the extra efforts of the teachers who understand why and how they can use technology in their lessons.  From that point every teacher becomes the tech-savvy members of their institutions. trainlion-are-you-a-tech-savvy-teacher


Images: http://www.trainlion.com/blog/are-you-a-tech-savvy-teacher/

What is the best part of being a Tech-Savvy teacher is that you always embrace change 😉

By being a teacher who successfully uses technology in his/her course, one can communicate with the digital natives of the new era. Insisting on using the old stuff can be good sometimes, but doing it continuously may be boring for the learners of the new century.

Spicing your courses up with some Kahoot, QR codes, Quizlet, storyboards etc. would be fun and helpful to have your students understand/practice and apply the things they’ve learned and those tools will help you to get out of your usual way of teaching and fun element will be your assistant.

Aysun 😉



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