Online Course Experience


Last year I had the chance to enrol an online course run by Oregon State University. Before that I took many online courses from Coursera but none of them was that intense- at least the ones I chose.

The name of the course was “Building Teaching Skills Through Interactive Web” and the course is one of ten courses funded through the E-Teacher Scholarship Program. It took ten weeks and our course instructor was Donna Shaw.


The overall objective is to enable teachers to understand and use appropriate technology to enhance the learning environment and outcomes for the participant teachers’students. The course wiki page frequently stated that the course had a very intense schedule. From the very first week we started posting on course pages, discussion boards and our blogs about the things we’d completed or read. Throughout each week, we read about, analyze, reflect on, and discuss articles and resources related to language teaching and learning pedagogy. We also explored options for incorporating computer-based tools and resources in face-to-face, blended, and online learning environments.We run our asynchronous discussions on Nicenet, we posted weekly on our blogs and as a final product we worked on a project  within small groups.


Sometimes it was really difficult and tiring to keep up with the challenging schedule. 🙂


No matter how tired we were and how challenging the schedule, we were able to finish the course and learned many things about the web tools and their integration into ELT settings.


And this year I’ve chosen for another online course run by Northern Arizona University and I’ve already started my course with the orientation week. The course is about “Research in Distance Education”. This time our course instructor is Chih-Tu. I’m really happy to work with him because I had the chance to meet him in person in Indianapolis and also the content of the course is quite satisfying.Because this is an advanced course, knowledge of human learning theories is assumed as is familiarity with technology-based learning environments. I’m really excited about the course 😉

In my next posts I will give details of my course 😉



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