Celta Training and TTT and planning and assignments and the nightmares :)


I know that it’s been a long time that I haven’t written in my blog. I was on holiday last month and it was great. I had great time with my hubby and my son.

Then what happened to me and started seeing nightmares about TTT (teacher talking time). Yeah….


I know that it is an easy training but lacks time (which is squeezed in 4 weeks). Although it is easy, I can say that the most difficult part is to reduce-at least trying to do it- TTT. 



The thing is forgetting about your old teaching habits-that are within you for about 10 years- and trying to replace them with new ones is really difficult. I keep saying I wish I received this training 10 years ago. BECAUSE the things that we received from university  and the things we are getting here are mostly different. I don’t want to blame none of the parties of my training as a teacher, but getting two different training about teaching is confusing.

Anyway Celta training is just like a refreshment for English teachers and one can learn from the experiences of their peers. But having the feeling of being tied with a time limit and a lot of paperwork makes the trainees feel depressed. 

Last night I saw a nightmare and in it I was being observed by my tutors. They also gave me feedback after this TP(teaching practice)  and the feedback was devastating 😦 Because in my TP y mouth was vide open:) and I wasn’t able to close my mouth 😦 My tutors were telling me that I talked a lot in my TP and I said that I knew that but I couldn’t stop myself.

Anyway I woke up at 6 AM today and I was feeling really bad 😦

I know that’s just a  dream but I think these days I’m a bit tense about this. Not having enough time for better planning and assignments makes me feel not ready for the TP’s.

But noe I believe in the positive effect of Celta training because I know that things are changing.

I’ll keep sharing my thoughts about Celta later on.

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