Notes of a CPD workshop by Loraine Kennedy


We were in Ankara to participate in a workshop by British Council at the beginning of this month. The Facilitator of this workshop was Loraine Kennedy. Her energy woke us up every morning for these three days.


As for the workshop, its main theme was Continous Professional Development for English teachers. In this post I just want to share my notes from the workshop.

“CPD is being hungry for personal improvement all the time- resisting the silly thoughts of know-it-all attitude.” In one of my previous posts about Dinosaurs in Education I mentioned these kind of teachers who are resistant to any kind of development or training.

Actually CPD is not about “Somebody is not good enough“, but it is about the planned acquisition of knowledge, experience and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout their working life.

CPD aims to make a “shift” in learning and it can only be achieved when something is clearer, new, revealed and confirmed.

My famous quote from the workshop was “CPD is making the professional talk compulsory, not the programs :)” by Yasemin Yelbay Yılmaz.

CPD brings a standard in teaching, I mean if we inspire our teachers about learning, they will inspire their students about learning as well. This situation will surely bring quality assurance and this will bring the teacher development. So these items are the parts of  a chain.

Although it is difficult to set up a system of teacher development in an institution, to see the effects of CPD after setting it up is really easy. Here are some examples of the evidences of CPD:

  1. The smiling faces
  2. The outcomes-better grades
  3. The meetings and the atmosphere of those meetings. (brown bag meetings maybe)
  4. Talking to students
  5. Attendance to workshops and conferences for CPD or presenting there(CPD portfolios)
  6. Positive teachers
  7. Rising teacher confidence
  8. Students giving positive feedback about their courses
  9. Annual CPD audit
  10. CPD calendar-weekly-monthly-annually
  11. CPD documents have been written
  12. Observation system in place
  13. Resource centre set up
  14. Student feedback is collected and reviewed
  15. One to one coaching and monitoring
  16. Teachers are providing input and feedback on the CPD programme
  17. Classroom practice is improved

As you see there are a lot of undeniable positive results of CPD. So why are the teachers afraid of it, or let’s say hate it?


As Peter Senge mentioned: “People don’t resist change, they resist being changed! ”

Reasons of people being resistant to change:

-The fear of anything beyond their comfort zone!

-Past experiences


-Top-down decision-making process-no justification

-Lack of self-confidence

-Change fatigue

-Lack of support

-Lack of time

-Lack of incentive

-Details of change not understood well

-Key job characteristics are changed

This is the end of my notes for the first day of the workshop, please don’t forget to add your comments onCPD in your institutions.



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