Why do we like ELT Conferences?

Last weekend I attended International İstek ELT Conference in İstanbul and met a lot of friends there.






What we realized was that we were really happy to be there and to see each other. So the result is: We like ELT conferences a lot. But why? Here are some some reasons;

  1. Meeting new people and do some networking: Coffee breaks are great moments to meet people around the world and these times help you do your networking 😉
  2. Being aware of new trends in ELT: While listening to the presenters in the sessions, one will easily follow the new trend in our subject area.
  3. Sharing experiences: Again in those coffee breaks or during the sessions, sharing experiences is inevitable 🙂
  4. Expanding PLN (Personal Learning Network): This is the power of social media. This weekend I attended İstek ELT and met a lot friends from Facebook, Twitter or blogesphere 😉 
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