Meetings: Torture or opportunity for CPD*?

*CPD: Continous Professional Development

I’ve been thinking about this issue for a long time.  Our unit meetings should be uplifting and effective but sometimes we have that bad feeling of boredom.


According to M. E Whitaker (1997) “In more effective schools, teachers look forward to value faculty meetings. The converse is true in the less effective schools.”  So the question is how we can make our meetings more productive and effective that our teachers look forward to and value.


The following ideas will move your meetings from average to perfect ones 😉

  1. Never underestimate the value of building an agenda:  The best way to this is to gather input from your group members. Also do not forget to response the ideas of the teachers in the meeting. If there are time limitations because of which you can’t address these ideas, please make sure your teachers that you will address these ideas at another meeting.
  2. Stick to the time line: Because time is really precious for all of us, we don’t have the privilege to steal people’s time for no reason.  Our meeting should be to the point without unnecessary details.
  3. Take written minutes: These are the concrete evidences of what you talked about or discussed.  For future reference you may need these minutes.
  4. Supply food and drink: I can hear you saying: “This is not a big deal”, but believe me it IS always appreciated. by doing so you are saying that :”I value your time and effort”
  5. Have different teachers facilitate and present at the meetings: A great way to allow your teachers to “toot their own horn”. In the presentations the teachers may find the chance to express themselves and their work- a good way for them to get the appreciation they deserve.
  6. Set up a way to get feedback on your meetings: You can obtain feedback with surveys, suggestion boxes of some informal visits and all of these feedback will enlighten you 😉

In short: Meetings can be a useful communication tool. Planning will help a meeting accomplish more in less time. Everyone will not always agree on the best way difficulties should be solved, but friendly disagreements about solutions can be beneficial. The meeting will be a waste of time, however, unless concrete action plans are made to solve problems. Specific dates for goal accomplishments can be set and followed up .

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