Observation, observation, observation…



I definitely know that “Observations/being observed” is an important part of learning how to teach and also it presents me an opportunity to see myself from another person’s eyes. Reflecting on my teaching is giving me the chance to see my strengths and my weaknesses in terms of teaching. 


Here is the story of the first observation of this semester.


This semester I am teaching to A level students, and I have to admit that it is both tiring and enjoyable. Tiring because I need to be well prepared for each lesson especially for A level students and enjoyable because it is so good to see them improving day by day.


My lesson was about containers with the help of which we can count the uncountable nouns such as cup, can, glass, bottle, kilo etc.


I started my lesson by revising the previous knowledge of my students. I had them say some sentences by using the uncountable nouns that we would use again later on.


After the revision part, with the help of my lovely student I started presenting the containers by using a power point slide and I think this helped them to keep the words in their minds better because visual supports always support the “LEARN”ing 😉


It took almost 5 minutes and again I put a revision slide at the end in which they can revise and see again the words they leaned for the first time. While presenting I used my body language, which I call TARZAN language ;), to explain the meanings of the new words.


Then there was an exercise in their course book on this topic and we did this exercise. They were pretty good in matching the containers and the pictures.


After finishing the exercise, I asked for a volunteer student who would wrote an example by using a container and an uncountable noun such as a kilo of meat.


Then she wrote an example on the board and sat down. By using the example and my bottles, my two bars of chocolate and my two packets of biscuits; I tried to have them discover the rule about making them plural 😉


At that part I used some real objects except for pictures because they grabbed the attention of my students and they were really delicious :)))


After they discovered the rule, I explained it to my students by using the board and then I wanted them to give me more examples. Except for one student, all of them gave good examples.  While they were giving examples, I kept asking that whether it is clear or not 😉


When it came the last ten minutes I had better time with my students because it was GAME TIME 🙂

We played an enjoyable memory game by using the words we learned in the first lesson- uncountable nouns 🙂

My students loved the game and they enjoyed it, while playing it they had the chance to see the wrong usage of the words and corrected them.


While I was getting my feedback from Tony I learned a new word “Gamification”.

I will talk about this in my next post and share what I learned 😉       



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