Lessons from Nothing by Jason Price

Last Saturday, I had the chance to attend a lovely workshop organized by İNGED and BRITISH COUNCIL. There, we attended four impressive short trainings by four great trainers. One of them was jason Price.
He gave us some useful tips for the times when things go wrong in our classrooms. For example what would you do if you have problems with your lesson materials, such as the computer or the course book?

At these times a piece of paper can be a great assistant to you and can turn your lesson into a great game in which your students learn with joy.

Here are the ideas;
Show your students a passage and have them read it. After they read it, without showing the passage to them, ask them to write a short note which includes all the necessary details from the passage they remember. But don’t forget to tell them that the one will be the winner who writes the note by using the fewest words. Then you may want them to look at the note and replace the missing words again. Also, at the beginning you can onlyshow them the note and ask them to write the missing words and prepositions.


Shopping receipts: Actually, I have never ever thought of using a shopping receipt as a lesson material till the day he mentioned this. According to him, wde can bring some receipts to our classes and distribute them to our students and according to the details in the receipt, we can lead our students to a guessing game in which we can teach them about the adjectives. E.g. “let’s have a look at this receipt and make guesses ablut the person who owns this receipt.


Body parts monster I believe that this idea will work better with lower level students because it also includes a drawing activity. First you will divide your students intoii groups of 3 or 5. Then give each of them 3 little seperate sheets of paper. Ask them to write one body part on each sheet of paper,then one of the students in each group collects the papers and pass them to the other groups. And at the end, each group will draw a picture of a monster from the body parts they receive.-with two heads, an eye, three ears etc.

As I said I really loved this idea, especially when thinking of the next semester in which I will be teaching A level students. 😉
Anyway, learning new tips from a professional is great, and I’m looking forward to applying these tips in my lessons.
Aysun 😉

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