My English Lab- The Online Component of Pearson


As B2.2level students and teachers, we have been using My English Lab- The Online Component of Speakout Course Book. We encourage our students to do the activities of the online component as an extensive study of the book. The online component covers all the activities taught in the classes and includes various exercises on four main skills.



Also it enables teachers to keep their students’ track in a confidential way, because your students can send you e-mails and they may want you to give additional feedback on their extra studies. 

There are some tests in this online component. These are Review and check tests, progress tests, a mid-course test and an end of course test. Besides you can find podcasts very beneficial because they are authentic self-study materials which your students,I’m sure, will love.


This is the homepage of the online study.


These are the units.


And…This is the grade book where I can check the progress of my students.

I really love using online components with my students as an extensive study. Do you use such components in your schools, and if so, HOW 🙂

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  1. I’m about to test New Total English (and My English Lab) at my university in Lima, Peru. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Dear Christian,
    My English Lab is a great onlinecomponent but the problem is that we teied to assess the cimpone t, so this created many problems in terms of assessment and use. So if you want to use the component and if youuse it as a part of grading, get ready for some problems. On the other hand if this will be used for free study, go ahead and use it;)

    1. Actually, I didn’t know how to get a screenshot with my new macbook and didn’t know how to use iOS properly then :(( But thanks for asking, because I was so focused on writing the post, I didn^t even think of getting screenshots :)))

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