Change in Education

In all of life, there are phases of growth. A child learns to turn over, to sit up, to crawl and then to walk and run. As you see all these phases are actually a change in the move, posture. Each step is important and takes time and also no step can be skipped.
We are always forgetting or ignoring this fact by sticking to some safe harbors. By ignoring the downsides, some of us firmly believe that “old and the currently used” systems are always the best. I’m not saying that the new is always the best but without even trying you can’t decide which one is better


At this point change in education is a troublesome issue. Because even if we understand and accept the change, to live in harmony with it is difficult. To live in harmony with change, you need to adapt yourself to the new situation, so you need to leave your safe harbor and sail through new horizons.


“A thousand-mile journey begins with the first step”

Putting change into practice, we may face some problems. Albert Einstein observed “The significiant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were when we created them.” we can realize that these problems are not that easy to solve easily, actually these ones are fundamental problems that require deep thinking and effective human interaction.


The change in education should be achieved through a clear statement of the ideals and also the change in the educational system should be realistic and consistent. One can only make the others believe in the change by providing these requirements. Otherwise people can easily lose their faith in the change.

So, hopefully we won’t lose our hopes and beliefs for the change



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