Classroom Management in Large EFL Classes

As we all know in Türkiye, we don’t have ideal sizes for teaching English, whereas the real size is around 12-16 students. But of course we can’t choose the number of students in our classes. Although this is the case, I believe that by  challenging with the difficulties, we can create san appropriate environment for student-centered learning. This may requires a little effort and extra load but if you want to satisfy your professional needs, I believe this will work. In larger classes, the management is much more difficult, so we will try our best to engage our students in the lessons. At that point motivation becomes a core agent. If they are motivated, they participate more.   It is mostly possible that while we are circulating, we may not even be able to reach some students. These unreached 🙂 students can get lost or they can disturb the others by making noise which is the most unwanted thing in a classroom.  Then what should we do? We can change the seating plan, we can arrange their seats again. For me the horse shoe seating plan is the most appropriate because I can easily see all my students and also because they are close to each other, they don’t need to talk loudly to make noise. Additionaly, sometimes I encourage them to talk softly. Apart form arrangements in seating plan, we need to follow a good lesson plan with an appropriate timing. Believe me teaching without timing does not seem professional, and also limiting the time for exercises or practices will definitely help you follow your plans easily. -If we give an exact time limit to our students, this will help them to deal with the questions in depth and they can control themselves. – We need to warn them when the time is up -The most important thing is; timing should be flexible. Because we know the pace of our students so if the activity is going well we can keep doing it longer. Or if it isn’t going well we can cut it short 😉 Lastly; the subject even the most boring ones can be canalized to high interest topics such as holidays, food, entertainment, sports etc.. Of course enthusiasm and interest of our students are not generated by the subjects, they are generated by our students themselves. We shouldn’t assume that a popular topic will grab everyone, because students can be interested in different subjects. At least we can show them how to discover new aspects of popular topics or how important these topics are in broadening their vision.

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