Plagiarism Detectives

Yesterday I read an article about Plagiarism and how to avoid this. I really liked the article. After reading it, I started to think about my works and my students’ works as well. Knowing that there are some detective programs is really good. Because most of the students-people want to do their job without working a lot. Copying from the others’ work is the easy way. In such cases, plagiarism detectors help to detect and prevent plagiarism in an easy way. These detectors scan the database after uploading the document to be checked.  Just after the check is complete, results are given to the user so that they know the exact areas that were flagged for plagiarism.


In education, we can use these kind of applications to prevent plagiarism of the students’ works and unfair grading.

Here are the most famous plagiarism detectors:

1. TurnItIn ( is “the world’s leading academic plagiarism prevention solution and originality checking tool”. This is one of several popular offerings from According to this summary of effectiveness document, after two years of use, institutions employing TurnItIn often show improvements of 20 to 35 percent or more in terms of reducing submissions of unoriginal work by students; and improvements of 35 to 70 percent after 4 years. This is a paid service (that seems well worth the price).

2. iThenticate. ( is’s solution for scholarly publishing, and claims “the world’s largest scholarly comparison database”. This paid service compares submitted documents against its database of current and archived web pages, research articles, and content from scholarly journals. They have separate pricing options for authors and researchers (starting at $50 for one submission with up to 5 revisions) and organizations.

3. Write Check ( is another member of’s suite of offerings and is geared directly towards the student (if a student’s school doesn’t have their own service, or the student just wants to be really proactive). This service also helps the student by offering grammar and spell checks so that the student can be confident when turning in their written work. Services start at  about $7 for one paper or $25 for 5 papers (each option comes with 3 resubmissions).

4. PlagAware ( According to this January, 2011  article on “”, PlagAware took top honors in a ‘plagiarism showdown’ in which a professor and blog author put 48 different plagiarism checkers through 42 different tests. The final grade was determined by how well the checker performed, how professional they were, how usable their workflow was, and how quickly they returned results. (By the way, TurnItIn ranked second). PlagAware is currently offering 50 free ‘scan credits’ for new registrants.

5. Copyscape ( is an online detector that searches for copies of your submitted content anywhere on the web, for free. Their Premium service provides more powerful plagiarism detection and a host of other features. They also offer a service (Copysentry) that can help protect a website by automatically scanning the web and emailing you when new copies of your content are found.

I’ve been using one of them for a long time, and I’m sure that I benefitted from the results.

What about you?

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