Classroom Observation-2

Today I was observed again.
As a part of the process of development, I guess these observations will help me to reach the ideal.

Before the lesson, I talked to my observer about the discussion and the tense atmosphere in the previous lesson, also I told him that I wasn’t able to finish the last part of the grammar teaching because of the situation. I wanted to tell these things beforehand because I didn’t want to be misunderstood. The good point was he just relieved me that I shouln’t be worried about this and I should keep moving as usual. Then I did so and first I finished the exercise that I couldn’t in the previous lesson.
After finishing the part, I started teaching according to my plan. Although I thought I couldn’t do the warm-up section that well, actually it was a good one. Then as I learned from the previous observation, I tried not to use the instructions from the book as they are written there, instead I gave my own instructions.
I tried to involve all my students to the lesson, luckily I have a great class with great students-but they can be a little noisy sometimes. 😉 What’s more, this time I waited for the answer of the question that I posed. But in the previous one I barraged my students with questions just after asking a question.


Actually, things went well during the lesson, although the class was a bit tense in the previous one.

After the observation:
Me and my observer talked about the lesson after the classes were over while we were having our coffee 🙂 But funnily enough I asked first how did you feel:D he replied me that he should be the one asking this question. Then we laughed and I started reflecting. Again he was really ready and asked me some tricky questions. e.g. What was the reason of my choosing the students for the questions? Did I always choose the same ones or the volunteers or the others…?


Also he tried to find out what the outcome of my lesson was and what the learning outcomes of my lesson were. I guess I was able to answer these questions.

The most important feedback of this post-observation session was I could push my student harder. Because the level of my students is quite good enough to give -teach more. My activity in the lesson was about using synonyms. After doing the vocabulary part of the task, it took only 2 minutes for them to finish the exercise and I left it there and did not push them harder. But the next time, I won’ forget to bring some extra materials in case of a need for more. By doing so, maybe I will have the chance to see their limits.

To sum up, I found this observation very fruitful for me to improve my teaching skills.
I’m looking forward to being video recorded for the next observation…

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