Another Observation…

I’ve been teaching for almost ten years and I stated that I had never been observed till the day I made up my mind and volunteered for the observation. Tomorrow I will be observed again and as the day approaches, I get the jitters imagining that an activity that has always run smoothly will unexpectedly go awry as soon as Tony sets foot in my classroom.


To prepare for the observation, I will do these things:

…remember that the purpose is to assess, not to criticize. Tony is not in my classroom to criticize, but rather to provide feedback. Just as the previous one I believe that this,again, will be a good feedback for me.

…write out my objective. As I prepare for my lesson, I’ll think about and write down my objective in one sentence. I’ll ask myself: What is my curricular focus? What will the learners in my classroom demonstratİon.

…meet with Tony in advance. I’ll set up an informal preconference to get a clearer idea of how he will assess my teaching and to explain my instructional initiatives. (Maybe I can’t find time for this :()

…be myself. I won’t attempt a lesson that is so different from who I am that my own students won’t recognize me. I’ll dress appropriately and I’ll ease the tension by smiling and being enthusiastic after all that’s how act in the classroom every day

…plan all the activities. As I select the activities, I’ll make sure my classroom is well organized for the activity; plan the instructions I’ll give students (will they be oral or written?); make a list of possible pitfalls-and solutions-so I’m not blindsided by the unexpected. …be flexible. I’ll focus on my students and adapt to whatever situation arises.

…get a good night’s sleep the night before and eat a good breakfast. I’ll also arrive at school early.

…keep in mind my strengths. I know I’m a good teacher. Why shouldn’t I have confidence in myself?

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