Building “a team spirit” at a state university in Turkey-1

In this post, I want to deal with building a team spirit at state universities in Turkey. Since the beginning of the year, we are working in a new system called the module system. Within the introduction of this new system, also we started to use new management levels in our institution. Here, we work as the middle management agents called HLU’s (Head of Learning Units). In each learning unit we have teachers that we are working within the unit. As HLU’s, we want to build a team spirit in our units and this is the beginning of the change.

In a workshop, we saw that there are some steps in building a team. These are:

-Forming (Membership)

-Storming norming (Role allocation- building trust-also where the problems state to arise)

-Emerging of the culture (Rules-Normes-Team culture)

-Performing (Growing trust)


When I first saw these steps 7 months ago, I immediately said that we are in the storming norming step. Because we had already formed our groups and the members were just like the babies ready to be fed by their mothers. They wanted to be fed with the details of the new system and some of them were already resistant to the idea of change itself.

So we- HLU’s started to learn how to develop a team spirit and while doing so, how to involve people to this spirit 😉

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  1. Creating the spirit is one thing and maintaining that is another. So, evaluation of where the members are standing at any given time would be an efficient way of seeing how things might get to be in time. That’s why I think the head of the team may need to choose new members for the greater good and purpose in mind and eliminate the ones that are not responding as well as expected.

  2. Hi Aysun,
    Welcome to blogsphere yourself, too. Looking forward to reading posts on your adventures in mid-management. Not an easy job, I have to tell you. But I’m sure your efforts will pay:)

    1. Thank you Handan, as you said this mid-management task can be challenging most of the time, but working for creating a better teaching and learning atmosphere keeps me going.

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