Keep Going When I’m gone

The title of my post is the title of an inspiring book written by the CEO of Garanti Bankası of Turkey. The book was published by Pearson and is giving hints for future leaders.

Why- as an English teacher- I wanted to talk about this book is that we are trying to be the leaders of our classrooms. and sometimes I think that the students are our customers. Therefore we can benefit from these tips. I mean we need to act according to the pace of our classes and we need to make our students-customers contended with what they are getting.

What’s more; at Anadolu University I’m also working as a Head of Learning Unit and in our unit we try to work collaboratively. When we started to work as a HLU, we learnt the word “leadership” and also we started to learn how to act as role models-leaders among our colleagues. In this book I saw many tips for a better and more successful leaders.

Let me give you the subtitles of the book, then you can get how helpful it will be, if you want to be a better leader both in your classroom and in your work place 😉

– Getting started

– At a glance

– The vision

– The TEAM



Motivation and Creativity Management

Change management

Growth through Acquisition

Crisis Management

Relationship with Key People and Institutions

Technology Management

Culture… Principles

Mistakes… And Frequently asked Questions

Keep going When I Am Gone

Here is a quote:

“Trust in oneself; motivating oneself by being optimistic, a self-confidence that is nourished by successful results.

Trust in collegues; in them members at the University.. in harmony with positive, supportive team work.. a trust in teammates and their competence as winners, as capable of success, a trust that is reinforced by positive results.

Trust in the system; trusting the organization in which you work, trusting its structure, its culture, the concept of responsibility, the level of cooperation in the institution, the level of creativity.

Trust in the outsiders; trust that support will be received for successful work..that resources will be found… trust in the students, opinion makers, qualified young job applicants…..”

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