The feeling of being observed FOR THE FIRST TIME after 10 years of teaching…

To be observed or not… That is the bloody question.

Since I started teaching I’ve always wanted to reflect on my professional development and be aware of my teaching. For that reason I volunteered for the observation. Because I’m a people person , I like to interact  with people  and this observation was a good chance for me to get the necessary feedback about Aysun as a teacher. Also, I was sure that not being observed before was a real drawback for my teaching.  (Also I became definitely sure after seeing Tony’s face when I said no one had observed my lessons before.)


Before the session I felt a little tense and tried to prepare some notes for myself to use during the lesson but then I changed my mind and decided to be spontaneous. Upon entering the classroom, all the black clouds scattered because I was in one the safest places for me-in my classroom.


In the lesson that I was observed, the students were very eager to learn. I mean they were attentive and ready for any kind of input. Actually because their level of English is quite good, they are mostly attentive and eager in my lessons.


By the way a monster’s sitting back of the class is not irritating or demotivating.  I believe that if such a monster keeps that quiet and not interferes the lesson as in the example J, the situation won’t be irritating for the other teachers, too.


When it comes to feedback session, I can say that it went great. I got invaluable feedback on my teaching, time management, teacher-student interaction and my student’s performance. During the feedback session, the observer asked me some questions and most of the time he encouraged me to talk-REFLECT. At first, I started talking about the negative aspects but again he encouraged me to start with the positive ones.


After the feedback session, I felt satisfied and more aware of myself in terms of my teaching. Actually I learnt that I have good time management skills and a good interaction with my students.  On the other hand I learnt that I needed to be more patient after asking a question. I mean I need to wait after the question and I shouldn’t barrage them.


After this observation, I decided to read more on this training issue because we need to learn more to be professionals. By doing so, I believe that I will be a good example for my collegues.


I would definitely recommend my friends to let trainers observe their lessons.  Because we cannot observe ourselves during a lesson, I mean this observation thing works just as a mirror. After the observation it would be much more easier to see the problems. Also these observations will help the teachers built in experience and be more open to the other’s ideas and thoughts.


Lastly, when it comes to the observer; s/he should be a people person who can communicate and interact with people well. Also during the observation the observer should behave like a ghost-INVISIBLEJ (should be there physically but shouldn’t interfere) I believe that by following these, observers can be really helpful to the others.


Aysun Güneş

Anadolu University School of Foreign Languages.

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